Nerdic Whuut?!

The Nerdic Walkers is the walking community from IMD but not in a boring way. So what makes us so special? Well, we value connecting, motivation and exploring. And that means we go the extra mile. It isn’t “just” walking, it’s more than that. We will test your limits and social skills.

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So, what now?

As said before, Nerdic Walkers isn't your average walking club. We seek challenge & adventure, therefore we have carefuly chosen our first target. We will take a bus use our sporty legs, to the Adventure Valley @Durbuy!

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On 10 July we are going to Durbuy! Obviously that's quite far so to make things easier we’re taking the train from Malines to a station nearby. After about 45min walking we arrive at Adventure Valley where we will be doing some fun activities until we return. Unfortunatly the train and A.V. aren’t free so we’ll need to ask €25 for all expenses.

Looking for some fancy hiking clothes? We've got you covered!

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